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Nora Eckert-PC

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My name is Nora Eckert and I am the Parent Coordinator at P255Q. I support the families of all ten 255Q sites.


My goal as a Parent Coordinator is to keep you informed, connected and encouraged as a valuable member of the team who will be working with your child to progress and learn best. 


As a parent of four, including twin autistic teens, I know the challenges of a being a parent who’s trying to do their best to make sure their child is having the best school year possible...and be on top of everything else. Being the parent of a special needs child amplifies the worries, responsibilities and of course the joys of any moment where we can see that all of the hard work has made some difference. In addition, it’s been an unbelievable past 2 years! If anything, it has taught us that the open lines of communication are more important than ever and as a team we can work together to ensure that the year will be as successful and productive as possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about OPWDD, resources, services, workshops, programs, parent leadership or simply if you are in need of someone to talk to - my doors, even virtually, are open. I wish you and your child the very best this school year!



Nora Eckert

P255Q Parent Coordinator




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